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The book has illustrations by kind permission of the artist Phil Lockwood.

Paintings by kind permission of Liz Balkwill PS AFAS IEA, Anthony Asbury and Professor John Bastin MA PhD FRAS.


The book cover painting is Enigma by Phil Lockwood. The back cover painting is Larissa and Theology by the late Professor John Bastin MA PhD FRAS.

Artists Model: Larissa Matharu.

monochrome image of Gurnham Singh Matharu
The late Gurnam Singh Matharu.

Review: Haunting Indeed

five stars

"Larissa Matharu's heartfelt evocations of her attempts to understand, assimilate and come to terms with the sexual abuse she suffered as a child, together with her accounts in prose of the cold and distant treatment she received from her family, make for a most moving and salutary read. When this last is balanced by her account of what happened to her father both as a child and an adult, the book becomes even more powerfully disturbing. This is truly enthralling collection of poems and prose."

- Hugh Fraser (Amazon review)