Haunting Poems

A Dedication

My Doctors taught me to live
and not to be suicidal
They taught me to talk when I feel suicidal

My Teachers taught me to smile
Taught me to be happy,
Taught me to live - showed me How to live
Gave me love....+
Gave me confidence =
My Teachers helped me to discover myself.

My friends taught me to love
To love myself as I love them
My friends showed me happiness
And gave me memories
OH, But, HAPPY memories..................

The family taught me hurt
and the feeling of pain
The family taught me guilt
and worthlessness

But that's all over now
For I have learnt...............

To be assertive
To talk when I feel suicidal
To smile
To be happy
To live
To have confidence
To love
And feel love
To discover myself......

Gratias tibi ago !