Haunting Poems

Message in a Bottle From a Word Smith

International research (ref Jacqui Saradjian) states that females do sexually abuse children. The research also explains that most females sexually abuse, not because they have been sexually abused themselves but due to experiencing severe emotional abuse. Here again is another myth - not all abused children become abusers, in fact the figure is 30% of male abusers have been abused themselves, other factors play a role, such as witnessing domestic violence and possibly who knows, an inclination towards paedophilia.

Societies worry about protecting children from sexual abuse but I have never heard people, the general public and also professionals, consider the possibility for the need to be aware and wise with regards to female sex offenders. We should really, help our children to be aware that it makes no difference if it is a man or a woman and also that the abusers can be more than one and not even known to each other, (as was my case). Equipping children to be assertive, confident, nurturing their natural intuition and keeping them safe from harm, is paramount.

I hope these poems are both useful and helpful to other survivors of trauma, to professionals working within this field, researchers and fields of academia but also to the literary genre.

I would be very interested to hear from playwrights and actors wishing to use and develop these poems, please get in touch if you feel inspired and brave! For some unfathomable reason to me, the few highly esteemed individuals who have read these poems prior to publication here, have mentioned radio and theatre as a medium for them.....this seems to be their consensus.

Lastly, I would like to thank Loreto College in Manchester, England, for bestowing me with the Dorothy Cottier Chapman Award in 1991, for Bravery and Determination; and a thank you also to Richard Huish College Taunton, Somerset and the University of Greenwich, for enabling me to fulfil my dream of going to university. It was this dream that kept me going through the years of abuse.

Apart from writing the occassional poem, my other creative pursuit is being an Artist's Model. I find this therapeutic in that I feel the Artists in our working together, are putting right all the harm done against my body and re-balancing the karmic accounts as it were. Thank you, to all the marvellous Artists I have had the pleasure to sit for.