Haunting Poems

Memory Shots

What was she doing?
What was she Doing? I have to ask
What was she doing having sex with a four year old? What was she Doing?
I ask Angular, Peculiar Why?

Grotesque Smells Shots
Captured Decades Later
Enlighten in Sex Smells Shock
But My Lovers smell sweetly divine - A Saintly Scent

Pubic Hair Protruding Pubic Hair Intruding
Killing Childhood Hands
Murdering Childhood Eyes
Big Blossoming Eyes - Murdered
Seek n' Search Resurrection - Ongoing
Big Blossoming Eyes Smile Locked n' Loaded Accosting Tainted Shots

Hands Lead, Leading the Way
Upon Body Landscapes Unknown
Peculiar Angular
Memory Shots, Memory Shots
Thou Art Fractured
In Bodies
Wet Smells
Mouths Flood
Grunting Speed Orderly
In Shushing shh Secret Sinisters
God and Police Punishments Await

Pubic Hair, Pubic Hair, Golden Straw Coloured
Pubic Hair Strange
Please Leave Me Alone
Wet and Squidgy, Sticky
Peculiar, Angular
Sinister Secrets of Golden Straw Fur
Hair Pubic Scary
Please Leave Me Alone