Haunting Poems

Poker Face - The Spiffing Cops.

Piercing Blue Eyes Interject
And Soothingly Submerge
Betwixt In an Almighty Game of Spot The Difference
In the Ocean of Human Motions.

Piercing Blue Eyes delvingly intercept the depths of human time.
Askance at the Chances
Views of Time Tumble To and Fro
And Thy Trusty Troop Formations Gather
Sojourning Under Thy Guiding Gaze of Gallant Blue Eyes.

Corrosive and Corrupt Souls Lost - Direct!
Enamelled Fated Fingertips silently drumming
Their Fingerprints Quietly Bashing Away
Masterful Hands from Elegant Sprightly Limbs
Clutch and Withdraw Trouble Inked Claws of Lost Souls
Shields Art In Honour
Enact Clauses, Duty And Power.

Though Lost Souls Snigger and Jibe
Weathering In all the Skies of Seasons
Thy Incisive Wit and Intuitive Speed March The Lost Souls
Into Whimpering Slumbers of Defeat
As Submission Rules OK!

Blue Eyes Blooming Cupped In Knowledge
Quench Thirsts for Data In
The Unobtrusive Drinking of Secrets Locked
Beware Now - Nakedly Stare
Prised Open and Born
Secrets Shelled Are Captioned In Ink and Blunt Celluloid
Risen from the Grave Now Shelved.

Moonlight Sips Dawn and Dusk
Bequeathing Issues of Godspeed
Upon Thy Honourable Protecting Heart
Elegant Sprightly Limbs Adorn
Sunshine Blue Eyes
Masterly Glancing for SOS Echoes.

Thee and Thy Toiling Troops Slyly Sniff The Ride
The Chase To Rescue - Hounding
Bounding and Springing Across Lanes, Bridges and Gates
Arresting Disorders
Maintaining Borders
Thus Chillingly Conveying
Subtle Sentiments and Kindly Whispers
Soaked In Kismet Truths With Karmic Gifts.