Haunting Poems


It listens
It feels
Touches and Reaches
Out, out, out
Trickling down tears
Bellowing laughter
Bursting balloons
Perceiving, pinching, growing
Enthusiasm gushing
Flowing charm
Silencing the anger
Enriching the Peace
As musical notes dancing on purple air......

Merry girls are dancing, flying stockings
Mermaids a' leaping, shooting champagne
Gentlemen swimming, hurling limbs
Kisses flowing, cupid swims
Clouds painting, pictures forming
Children jumping, reaching high
Creatures chasing, nature thriving
Sand dunes melting, lollies licking
Sun rays ticking, ticking by...............

The Watchtower listens.....
The Speakers watch
Fairies whisper
Demons Quake -
Angels guard......
Cannabis Souls
freely dance under
the red sun's echoes.....
Limelight sprinkles
as your blooming fire warms
through your voices of songs.
As children scatter, kittens play,
thus the Spirit soars.
And flying limbs with
harmonies dance.