Haunting Poems

God In A Box - Jack In The Box

Solid is the darkness
Upon your heartless souls
and whimpering limbs.
Liquid Terror
Gaseous Joy
bleed through the ghostly air
on concrete roads - Mystifying Rovers,
Whilst Ramblers streets
with topaz amber encrust
and gold swims the earth.

Spririt, Fright, Catch, Touch,
Ha ha ha
placidly ruling
thy iron organs of heart.

In buildings, wherein, entombed
elusive beneficaries of lying lords
weave majestically their
shallow deeds.

There, Candles Weep,
Heaven Weeps
and Anger Riseth
as Hypocrites Oath
conquers the Church.

Wake OH Awake - Church
and let Justice Stamp
it's High Boot
upon your hardened
molten turned hearts.

Glory Splash Glory
Meet Thy Maker
with Death's sweet STING.